ExternalQuickLookSatellite-x86_64 (Glyphs3) Mac crashes

Hey guys,

I have had 3 mac crashes in the past 40 minutes - black screen, restart, etc.

In all 3 cases console reports the following:
Process: ExternalQuickLookSatellite-x86_64 [462]
PlugIn Path: /Applications/Glyphs 3 Cutting.app/Contents/Library/QuickLook/GlyphsQuickLook.qlgenerator/Contents/MacOS/GlyphsQuickLook

The thing is that I have two versions of G3, one normal and one cutting, and I was working on the normal one and the cutting was not even open at the time.

Is there anything I can do to fix this?
Has anyone else experienced something similar?

The quicklook plugins can crash but they should not take down the system. There has to be something else going wrong. Is that the latest cutting edge version?

I was not using the cutting edge version.

I was using 3.1.2 (3151).

But the crash report says some thing about ‘ Glyphs 3 Cutting.app’. It doesn’t matter what version you are using but what version is picked up by QuickLook. So if you have an unstable version laying around somewhere, quickLook will most likely pick that one to use to generate previews (Murphys law).

OK. It seems that I thought I was using the stable version but both of my G3 instances are cutting. I followed the instructions to have two versions of G3 in my Apps but now that I am checking, when I choose to “Show cutting edge” in one’s preferences, it activates in the other as well…

How can I safely have one stable and one cutting version of G3?

The “Show cutting versions” is stored in the general user defaults, not per app. When you set it, you need to make sure to only update the cutting edge copy.

To better distinguish in what version you are working, run this in the macro panel:

Glyphs.defaults["GSShowVersionNumberInTitleBar"] = True
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Thanks. That’s helpful.