Extra white space above icon, after conversion to eot

I’m having trouble with extra white space appearing above the icon after generating an icon from OTF to EOT. I’m using font-squirrel, but I’m thinking there might be an improper setting in my Font-Icon within Glyph Mini when I export to OTF.

Here is an example of the selected icon showing the extra white space above. The selection should show a perfect square with no white-space.

Here are the font settings:
Units per em 1000
Ascender 850
Cap height 700
x-height 500
Descender -150

There is a similar story in the forums, but the images have been deleted and the solution referrers to a different software other than Glyph Mini.

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Internet Explorer may use a different measurement for calculating the selection bounds. Why are the selection bounds important in this case?

OK, I found at least one solution on the Font Squirrel side.

If I select Custom Adjustment and define the same Ascender and Descender properties in Glyph Min, then I get the icon to occupy a perfect box.

I’m not clear if there is something still going on with how I’m constructing the font on the Glyph mini side, but at least this is a fix. Hope this is helpful to anyone else who might encounter this problem.

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