Extrapolating with bracket trick

Hi there,

I have 6 masters, Thin, Regular, Bold for two optical weights (display and titling). On the Display weights, I have an extrapolated weight (extra bold, about 20 units bigger). My ogonek changes quite dramatically halfway through the weight progression as a result it’s not point compatible at all. I have set up bracket layers across the two optical weights but I still get the little “incompatible master” line and my ultra bold ogonek doesn’t get extrapolated (all the other weights are fine with the setup). I have extrapolated one other glyph with bracket layers so I’m not sure what’s gone wrong. Any idea?


Titling on the left side, Display on the right. notice the right most weight missing the ogonek

Layer setup


I would need to see the .glyphs file. Can you send it to me?

Thanks for your quick reply! I’ve just sent you the file.
Also, forgot to mention, this is on the latest 2.5b version of the app.

Hi Georg,
Sorry to chase but have you had the time to look into this at all?

Not yet.

Sorry that it took so long. You need to add an [120]-layer for the Display Light master.

Hi Georg! Thanks for this, that fixes it. Is the idea that all masters should have a bracket layer when doing extrapolation?