F ligatures with different f

I have a narrower ‘f’ for my f-containing ligatures. Is it possible to generate a new glyph with that f and other glyphs, for example ‘narrowerf_b’ instead of generating with the ‘normal’ f and then having to substitute the f component?

Consider naming the glyph f.narrow instead of narrowf. That way, Glyphs can infer more information about it.

To construct a glyph from a set of predefined components, you can use glyph recipes in the GlyphAdd Glyphs… dialog. For example, enter


and a new f_b glyph will be created containing the glyphs f.narrow and b in that order. See the Recipes tutorial for details.

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Thank you so much, Florian! I’ll try that!

But if your ligatures are built from components, I would use contextual alternate instead.

sub f' [b d l h k] by f.narrow;