Families in Glyphs

How can I mere 2 different OTF files into a family? What is the process to getting the family in Glyphs? Any work-flow?


Your mean family in Indesign?

Then you just need to have the same family name for all font. There is no secret family setting.

Ok, nothing about Masters or Instances?

It depends on what you want; it’s a bit unclear, but hopefully I’m answering your question.

If you are trying to export an upright font and italic under the same font family name, simply save the working files separately but give the same font family name, and export them. If the name is the same, they are grouped together in the font menu.

If you want to play around with weights from two font files (e.g. Regular and Bold), you have to open both, go to the font info of one of them and ‘Master’ tab. In that tab you’ll find Add button at the bottom left, which lets you combine it with other opening fonts, including the current font itself if you want.

Go into the Tutorials section of this website. There are a couple of Multiple Master articles.

Yeah, understood. Thanks guys!