Family Alignment Zones in Optical Masters CRASH

I have a single master file the contains Small to ExtraLarge master designs. These will be exported as individual .otf font files. I’ve added the Alignmnet Zones and all is good.

The master file produces 4 individual families (Small, Text, Large, ExtraLarge) Each family has its own x-height, descender etc. So I want to add the Family Alignment Zones custom param to the Export page and specific fonts within a family group.

I can add the Family Alignment Zones but when I hit the Auto button/icon it crashes.
I can add and edit each zone manually so all is not lost. But thought I’d you know.


I fixed it. Thanks for the reminder.

Hi @Georg I just had the same problem on 3.1.2 (3151). I tried to auto-calculate the subfamily’s zones in the custom parameter in one instance of the optical sizes and Glyphs crashed.

Additionally I want to ask you what happens with the variable font in this case? The static subfamilies will have their own Family Alignment Zones but the variable font includes Optical Size as an axis so there will be only one set of Family Alignment Zones applied or do they also get deltas somehow?

Does it work in 3.2? This is where I assume it is fixed.

I didn’t try it on 3.2. I opened the file and I got the message about moved components and closed it.

Can you send me the file that I can check why the components where moving?