Family Alignment Zones

I have a Regular and Bold font. The Bold font’s x-height is jumping up a pixel at 14pt and 16pt when rendering on MS Word and TextEdit.

Regular has an x-height of 504 with zone depth of 8
Bold has an x-height of 514 with zone depth of 8
Family Alignment Zones are set to match the Regular (so Bold should be aligning to Regs zones)
Any reason why the Family Alignment Zones are not being respected in the Bold?
Does MS Word / TextEdit interpret the PS spec differently? All OK in InDesign.


I would not give anything about TextEdit. It is not using the hinting from the font. And do you mean MS Word on mac or windows? Because the former might use mac rendering.

Admittedly this a Mac and yes I would ‘care a little less’ but I’ve not had this rounding error before.