Family Naming Glitch?


I know this question has been asked a lot. I have a family of 5 styles. It has everything in the family organized in the dropdown in Adobe except the Bold (bold is its own family/style). I followed the steps to trouble shoot this in the forum (‘export an OTF family problem) and nothing seems to be working. I’ve tried having ‘this instance is the ‘Bold’ of Regular’ checked and also unchecked. I cleared the cache in FontBook, I used Terminal to run a command, and I installed and ran Font Finagler. Restarted 5x. No go. Any help would be appreciated.



Can you show your export settings?

I would not recommend using Font Book or anything else to install your font if you want to use them in Adobe apps. Try this instead: Testing your fonts in Adobe apps | Glyphs

This worked—thanks for the tip! I will avoid Font Book!