FamilyBlues and FamilyOtherBlues

I’m running the FDK comparefamily command to find possible errors in the OTF’s exported from a 3 axis font.

One of the tests is: Family Test 19: Check that all faces in the Preferred Family group have the same values of FamilyBlues and FamilyOtherBlues, and are valid.

No error shows up in the group of exported fonts that are only on the weight axis. But on all the other fonts that are interpolated on more axis this error came up:
Warning: In family Grifo M, a group of fonts have FamilyBlues, but there is no base font with the same value in its BlueValues array.

can i do anything to solve this? Is this something that can be fixed in Glyphs?

I use these custom parameters:

  1. blueFuzz is deprecated, you can safely delete it
  2. Do you have Family Alignment Zones set in File > Font Info > Font? Perhaps just in the Italic?
  3. A warning is not an error. Which rendering problem are you encountering that needs to be solved?

Thanks Rainer,

I have set the Family Alignment Zones in both italics and romans.
I haven’t found any rendering problem, as I don’t really know where to look for it

this warning does not show in fonts of only one axis