Fast switching between alternates

Hello there!
I’ve read that in order to go through next and previous glyphs you use fn+keyboard. Ok, I understand that. But it makes my flow really slow.
1- I’d love if that could be done with the mouse scrolling wheel also, like fn+wheel in example.
2- However, is it a way to ‘reorder’ what (to me) is the next glyph, so in example, the next glyph for /a/ would be /a.swsh/ ?
I use alternates a lot in my script/calligraphic fonts and It’d be really useful for me to be able to do that, in order to see in context a word with many different alternates.
I saw that you can activate alternates in the preview panel, however, all are activated at the same time.
I was wondering if it’s possible to navigate between alternates more easily.
In example I write “anana” and I grab the /a/ of the middle and I quickly switch to /a.salt/ without having to write its name.
I’m very used to work like that, now I’m new to Glyphs, and I feel that if that can’t be done I will never be as fast as I used to be :frowning: haha,
help me.

You can keep alternates next to base glyph in Font Info > Other Settings.