Fast way to create curved cross hatched patterns

I have a few projects where I’d like to add some cross hatching, and I really like the cross hatch filter in Glyphs, but there’s a limitation that makes this just a little too time consuming.

The default cross hatching for a shape creates straight lines, but what I need are curved lines and I haven’t found any way to make all the lines curved at the same time, I’ve tried using the knife tool, but it creates extra lines between the hatches when what I really want is an extra node where I could use the “round corners” filter to make them curve.

Another solution would just be adding two control points between the each line that I can group select instead of using the “round corners” filter.

Any good ideas on how to automate this?

What you could do is define a mask pattern that you want to subtract from the glyph shape as a non-exporting glyph, say, _pattern:

Go to your glyph:

and place the pattern atop:

Now, with the component of the pattern selected, check Mask in the inspector located in the bottom right of the window:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-07 um 22.02.36

And that results in a masked glyph like the following:

If you don’t want to remove the pattern, but instead keep it and remove everything else, also check Reverse next to the Mask checkbox.

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