Faulty caroncomb.alt anchor y position

Hello, I will take the liberty of labelling this a bug. In previous Glyphs versions (<3.2), the default _topright anchor position of the caroncomb.alt (for dcaron, lcaron…) was at the ascender height (in order to align with the topright position in d, l, t…). In Glyphs 3.2+, this is no longer the case and the anchor is positioned at x height.

Is this intentional, and if so, why?

I’m also getting some strange default anchor positions here.
Lowercase’s base glyphs default top is at ascender height, not x-height etc. Only works if I manually enter case > lower in info for selection…

What “case” is in the “Lowercase” glyphs? Do you have a custom glyph data?

This doesn’t appear to be an issue anymore, since a few versions. At least in 3190, the topright anchor is correctly set at ascender height in caroncomb.alt. Entwarnung :wink: