Feature Code not showing in window

HI I’m afraid I accidentally turned on (or off) some feature in GlyphsApp 3 but I’m not sure how to change this? I’m using GlyphsApp 3.1.1 (3148), and now when I open the Features window I see the list of features on the left, but when I select one, I see no code in the main window to the right?
I know the code is there because if I export a TTF it reports an error in the feature code. Also if I open the same file in a version of GlyphsApp2, I can see the feature code fine. This happens as described above in all Glyphs files, so it’s not specific to any code or feature. Am i missing some setting?


Jason C

See if you can drag from the top of the empty code view. You might have increased the notes sections all the way up.

exactly that! thanks, all set now. I figured it was something silly but couldn’t figure it out