Feature comparison

Hi all,

I new to this and in the marked for a font editor, Glyphs or the more expensive FontLab. I’ve been playing around with FontLab a little bit, and I was wondering if Glyphs have features like the “Power Nudge”, “Tunni Lines” and “Curves / Speed Curves”? I’ve downloaded the demo but I have not found them.

Or is this something need to be added / purchased via third party plugins?

I’m not very familiar with “Power Nudge,” but there are various plugins that display “Tunni Lines” and “Speed Curves.” I personally use Simon’s Super Tool.

Check out the Glyphs Extend page to see some of the plugins.

You can also see more plugins/install them by going to Window > Plugin Manager. Although, I’m not sure whether or not plugins are limited with Glyphs Mini.

I see thank you.