Feature description in different language

How can I add descriptive information about features in different languages?
In the standard language it works with the following scheme:

Name: Alternative lowercase letters a and g for italics

But how for German, for example? Italian?

This is explained in the handbook.

And in the tutorial:

(Scroll down to the end.)

Thank you very much. I’ve found it. The “english only” version was great, but now I also know how to translate the other languages. Here is a short explanation for everyone interested:

In automatic mode, it is sufficient to insert the string into the right bottom field below the generated feature code.

Name: Description

… as described in Rainer’s tutorial.

To add more languages, you have to switch to manual mode after the automatic generation of the feature (which really works very well). And insert an extension above the lower right window:

featureNames {
name "Glyphs in a white box"; 						# Windows (default)
name 3 1 0x0407 "Zeichen in wei\00DFem Quadrat"; 	# 3=Windows, 1=Unicode, 0407=German
name 3 1 0x0410 "Lettere in quadrato bianco"; 		# 3=Windows, 1=Unicode, 0410=Italian
name 1 "Glyphs in a white box"; 					# 1=Mac
name 1 0 2 "Zeichen in wei\DFem Quadrat"; 			# 1=Mac, 0=MacRoman, 2=German
name 1 0 3 "Lettere in quadrato bianco"; 			# 1=Mac, 0=MacRoman, 3=Italian

German special characters must be converted into Unicode according to the following scheme, for example:

Mac ü = \FC        Windows  ü = \00FC
Mac ö = \F6        Windows  ö = \00F6
Mac ä = \E4        Windows  ä = \00E4
Mac ß = \DF        Windows  ß = \00DF
Mac Ä = \C4        Windows  Ä = \00C4
Mac Ö = \D6        Windows  Ö = \00D6
Mac Ü = \DC        Windows  Ü = \00DC
Mac » = \BB        Windows  » = \00BB
Mac « = \AB        Windows  « = \00AB

You should be able to put the featureNames code in the same bottom-right window pane where you would enter Name: name of stylistic set. Then, you can continue to have automatic generation enabled for that feature. fyi.

No, I’m afraid it doesn’t work as you described… At least with me: Adobe InDesign CC2018; Mac 10.13.3 (17D102); Glyphs Version 2.5b (1116)

How do I insert stylistic set names in Hebrew?
Glyphs doesn’t let me type in Hebrew!!!

Enter your texts in Unicode rewrites, then it works with Cyrillic, Aramaic and also Hebrew… Just like I entered it above for the German umlauts.

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I can’t get it to work.
Where do I enter the featureNames code, in the main code window, or in the bottom window where the usual Name: Description is inserted?

Also can I make that it should always show the stylistic set name in Hebrew?
If yes, how?

This is my current code block:

featureNames {
name "Adnut"; 						# Windows (default)
name 3 1 0x040D "\05D0\05D3\05E0\05D5\05EA"; 	# 3=Windows, 1=Unicode, 040D=Hebrew
name 1 "Adnut"; 					# 1=Mac
name 1 5 10 "\D0\D3\E0\D5\EA"; 			# 1=Mac, 5=Hebrew, 10=Hebrew

Adding featureNames code? It works for me as expected. What exactly was not working?

The name is Unicode aware, so no problem:

featureNames {
	name "\05D0\05D3\05E0\05D5\05EA (Adnut)";
	name 3 1 0x040D "\05D0\05D3\05E0\05D5\05EA";
	name 1 "Adnut";
	name 1 5 10 "\D0\D3\E0\D5\EA";

But I do not recommend it because it currently makes InDesign crash as soon as you open the OT menu.

Not true. You can use the Name: method with Hebrew letters, and it will Unicode-escape your Windows name, but it will not be able to escape your Mac name.

You can ignore the Mac names. There was a discussion about that on a email list and all modern software will use the windows or Unicode names anyway.

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This is a screenshot of InDesign on Mac -

When using this method:

What is there to do to fix it [it should display in Hebrew]?
And does it work on Windows?

That seem to be bug in Indesign. I can export a correct font and indesign is displaying garbage, or crashes.