Feature: Extrapolation and MM in Smart Components


I wanted to ask if it would also be possible to extrapolate between smart component layers in the future. By the way, is it possible now to use the master layers of a Glyphs file as reference layers?

Best wishes,

I just removed the limit in the text fields. The slider will be limited to interpolation, but the textfield allows more values.

Very nice, thanks for the quick fix.

Do you think the thing with accessing the Master Layers would be possible as well?

I don’t understand what you are trying to do.

Instead of having to add a new layer in a glyph to be used for a smart component interpolation, I would like to access the second master in my Glyphs file.

That is already possible. Which version are you using?

All you need is a ‘Weight’ axis. The. It will pick up all layers from all masters.

I tried it in Glyphs 2.0.1 (759) and after setting up the parameters I get this window when clicking “Show smart component options”

Did you assign the layers in the smart glyphs properties?