Feature idea for Update Glyph Info

I often work with old fonts: I modify or extend existing typefaces. The first step is to “consolidate” glyph names to match the Glyphs workflow and to let Glyphs regenerate OpenType features for me.

Unfortunately the command “Update Glyph Info” does not modify suffices. What about to add a “pro” version of this command (called using Option key) to allow not only renaming single glyphs but also suffices? I know such tool won’t be 100% perfect but it could rename at least the most common suffices not matching the Glyphs scheme – small caps, superior, inferior, old style figures, nominators, denominators etc.

Old suffix: small, s, smcp
New suffix: sc

I can also imagine a correction of individual glyph names
Old name: publish
New name: published

And one more thing related to Update Glyph Info: dotlessi is renamed to idotless but dotlessj is not renamed to jdotless, is there a reason for this behavior?

What is wrong with Edit > Find > Find and Replace?

Suffixes by other people are not predictable. Sometimes they are not even suffixes. I have see stuff like Asmall, you know.

Well, Find and Replace is time consuming if you have ten suffixes and dozens of glyphs to rename. I have a script for this for FontLab but not for Glyphs. It can even change case so I can rename A.small into a.sc in one step.

Works if it has a Unicode value assigned (0237 in this case).