Feature panel has extreme lag

When I’m typing in OT code, there’s a huge lag before characters appear. Here you can see what happens when typing and then pressing and holding delete. You’ll also see the line numbers are disappearing when I scroll.

I’m on G2 Version 2.6.7 (1358) on Monterey

Oh, I can’t upload a .mov or .gif to show this :expressionless:

.gif should work. Maybe it is too big? Can you send it by email?

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I think I found what’s causing the lag. When I delete the Burmese letters in the comments, it speeds up again.

Screenshot 2022-02-16 at 12.03.20

It’s pretty handy to show which glyphs/strings we’re looking at in the comments so I’d rather not lose the ability to have non-ASCII characters in the feature comments.

It would also be super handy to be able to have more editing control here. I’d find it helpful to be able to collapse/expand lookups and highlight lines in different colours, same way we can colour glyphs. That way when there are hundreds of lines of code we can navigate easier, compare separate lookups, see which rules are confirmed or still to check, give same colour to rules of similar types…

Can you try if that slowdown is present in Glyphs 3, too?

About the code control. Maybe you can split the code into different entries in the prefix section?
I’ll keep the code folding in mind. I’m not sure how to add colors to some lines of text in a way that fits with the full stack of storage and processing.

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Seems to be fine in G3.

Well, yes, that would be possible, but my intention is to be able to compare/check one set of rules easily with another, in a single view. Dividing 500 lines of code into different places won’t help with that.

I see. Not sure if the feature edit window can achieve this. That might need some split view to be able to see it next to each other. Maybe you need to copy it to an external text editor?

Maybe you can show me what that the next time we talk.

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Yep. I’ve tried using TextMate for this kind of thing, it works of course , but it really slows things down because I want to check every rule as I write it by exporting the font. If I have to write in TextMate and copy-paste into Glyphs (exporting, checking and adjusting values each time) and then copy-paste back to TextMate it means I then have to compare what’s in Glyphs with what’s in TextEdit to make sure I’m pasting things in the right places.

Actually these particular rules (cross-cluster kerning) are a huge nightmare, some kind of scripting or plugin would be the most ideal way, but I don’t know who has a good enough understanding of the complexity to create such a thing. I hadn’t myself been able to visualise what’s needed until manually writing out all these silly rules.

Shall I try to explain here what the font needs to do?