Feature preview with ROS

When the ROS (Adobe-Identity-0 or Adobe, Japan1, 6) is applied, Feature preview doesn’t work.
Pop up manu seems ok but the preview on the tab window doesn’t change.

Glyphs 1.4.1

Can you send me your .glyphs file to support at this domain?

Thanks a lot. I sent it.

Hi Mekkablue,
Is this problem fixed now? I’m using Version 2.52 (1158)
Features preview doesn’t work when the ROS is applied.
I didn’t know why features preview was not worked in the meantime, but after deleted the ROS in custom parameter it works well.
Is it a collision between CID names and Nice names?

OpenType feature in the Edit View will work fine when setting the ROS parameter into the Instances window instead of Font, which seems to be available in 2.6 or higher.

But ROS parameter menu is not in the Instances window, so this is a workaround.

1, delete the ROS in the Font info > Font window if you already set it.

2, make a New Parameter in an instance that you want to generate.

3, double click the New Parameter and type ‘ROS’.

4, click the New Value and select the ROS in the pull-down menu.

5, push the compile button in the feature window.

OpenType feature in the Edit View will work and the generated font works as a CID-keyed font.

I’m not sure this solution might cause another problem.

I don’t know this workaround is appropriate or not, so I hope the original problem will be fixed or the ROS parameter menu will be installed in the Instances.