Feature request: add kern exception when there is no kern

Kannada has some subscript conjunct characters that share shapes with other conjunct characters, except that there is something sticking up. The part sticking up often requires kerning to keep it from crashing into full-size letters. I handle this with kerning exceptions. Glyphs does not display the exception lock button unless a kern value already exists. To add the exception I have to first create an unnecessary kern value, then create the exception, then remove the kern. It would be more efficient if there were a way to create a kerning exception. This could be as simple as a right-click menu option when a user clicks on the kern value box. A hotkey might also work, but that seems less intuitive.

On a related note, the right-click menu for the kern value box contains a lot of OS-default options for working with text that don’t need to be there, and may confuse new users.


I was just going to request that as well :smile:

though, I use a script by Tosche, that does create an exception, that’s pretty handy

the script has a litte dialogue menu, where one can chose the needed unlocks…

I still feel, the option to unlock should be there though…

+1 for a better way of creating exceptions. Having the lock/unlock icon always there might do the trick.

Fixed that.

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