Feature Request: Add search by kern group to Font tab search box

Reviewing kern group assignments in list view is inconvenient because I can only see one glyphs’ shape at a time. If I could just type the names of kern groups into the search box it would be much easier to review the assignments I have made.


+1 that would be handy

Not quite sure I understand. You are aware of View > Show Kerning Groups?

CoverFlow is one of Apple’s least useful interface. I’d really appreciate if it was just a row of glyphs like Dock.

Not quite sure I understand.

I have 68 glyphs in the kern groups knLA, knLLA, knLLLA, knLAc2, knLAc2.following, knLLLAc2, and knLLLAc2.following. Typographic errors in those names inevitably lead to glyphs in the wrong groups. Auditing for errors requires me to page through the groups one at at time, waiting on Apple’s pointless cover flow animation each time. It would be much more efficient to type the names of those groups into the search box and see everything in the specified group at once.

You are aware of View > Show Kerning Groups?

Show Kerning Groups is not in the view menu. Are you referring to the Show *Kerning Group Reference plugin? Because that has the same problem as list view—I have to page through glyphs manually.

Sorry, I meant View > Show Group Members.

And you can drag up the separator in list view to close cover flow.

And there is a Kerning Window gear menu item, Show all glyphs I believe (not on my Mac now, doing this all from memory), that inserts all glyphs of the current kerning group into Edit view.

Show Group Members can be useless in non-Latin writing systems. For example, the Kannada ಬ shape is used as the left hand side of many forms that have dramatically different right side forms, and vice-versa. Seeing all the varied shapes stacked on the right side doesn’t help much.

The problem isn’t just cover flow, it’s that list view only show a single glyph at a time.

When I click that one it doesn’t do anything.

do you have an edit tab open?

Sorry to revive this thread but Show Group Members is useless when there’s more than a few glyphs in a group, and how to distinguish glyphs on left and right?

An interface that lets you see all glyphs of a group would be more useful.

Show all glyphs does not achieve this either it just shows all the glyph permutations for the selected kerning pairs. As my projects get more complicated and glyph counts grow, it would be very useful to be able to get a clear overview of groups rather than going through glyphs in a the Font Tab list view with cover flow…

You can sort by group in list mode. I see if I can add a filter.

What is an ‘overview’ for you? All glyphs next to each other in an edit tab? I believe I have a script for that in my repo, if not, it should be easy to write one. Have you considered writing a script?

An overview is an interface that allows me to:

  • See a list of all kerning groups and
  • See the glyphs inside these kerning groups without having to change the interface.
  • Cycle through each kerning group
  • Edit the kerning group name and add and remove glyphs.

I know this is possible in the table view in the Font Tab but it’s not efficient, to view all glyphs in a kerning group, I have to sort by kerning groups and then scroll to the right glyph, add a glyph I have to find a glyph and then add it, and then if I change things I have to keep re-sorting by kerning group (left and/or right) to get an overview.

Using the script to create a new tab every time also is a bit inefficient. And doesn’t give me a consistent overview that reflects changes as I make them.

Unfortunately my Python isn’t good enough to create an interactive plugin that can do this :sweat_smile: