Feature request : Adding Pin button to Windows


Could it be possible to add to Macro/Font Info/… same “Pin” feature as “Select Sample Text” ?

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if you just like the macro output to be visible at all times, you can use the “Floating Macro Console”. In the Window menu, press the Shift key to make it visible.

Other that that, why do you like to have it in the foreground. Isn’t that to obtrusive?

“Floating Macro Console” seem to be bugged, tabs are empty and impossible to select.
I think adding Pin button could be easier to use instead of having two different macro panel.

About Font Info Window, most of time having it in background is not a problem, but in some cases, I prefer to have it in the foreground. That way, if I accidentally click outside the window, it doesn’t disappear.

The floating console window is fixed in 3.2.

Keeping the bigger windows like font info and macro window in front all the time is more in the way as it would be useful. It is quite easy to summon them with the keyboard. So you can get it back quickly enough.

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It didn’t ask to make them Floating as default, but just to add Pin Button to switch them to Windows to Floating Window. (Like “Select Sample Text” window)

In case that helps, check out Floating Macro Panel script, which is easy to modify to work with other windows.

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