Feature request: Adobe-style zoom behaviour

I’m pretty used to how Adobe programs zoom, by now. So it’s a bit jarring for me to switch to Glyphs, where the zoom behaviour is a completely different paradigm.
So I would like to suggest having (at least the option of) zoom that behaves the same way.
In Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, when I press cmd-space and press the mouse/trackpad down, the view pans in or out smoothly when i move the mouse/trackpad finger up or down.
In Glyphs, I do this and it draws a square which would demark the zoom region I want.
There is another way in glyphs to get this kind of zoom, but I never remember it.
I don’t know how this relates to apple UI guidelines, but in my view Adobe sets the standards these days, for better or worse, it’s just what most of us get used to.

Otherwise, as always, thanks for a great program!


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Ironic. Adobe introduced this behavior a couple of versions ago, and I never got used to it. I find it way too imprecise. That’s why I turned it off in the prefs. The rectangle zoom (the way you see it now in Glyphs), now the fallback, used to be the default in Adobe apps.


I work with the policy of just leaving the annoying new thing be until I get used to it. Once you’ve gotten used to it it’s quite good. It works the same as the pinch on the track pad, really,
I didn’t use Glyphs - or a mouse - much for a while, and now I use it quite a bit again, and as I say, it’s pretty jarring, coming from default Adobe land and laptop work. Maybe mouse users are a minority these days?
Anyway, I don’t think I’d ask for more than an opt-in, since the app’s current users are use to how it behaves.

I am with mekkablue here. The Adobe zoom thingy is absolutely awkward and fanciful. Why not straight forward mark the area you want to zoom and - bang - there you are. Keep it that way!

I pretty much only Opt-scroll to zoom.

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Never even thought there may be other ways!

Not asking that the program defaults be changed on my behalf. Just that users like me could opt-in via settings.
And to answer your “why not” question - because if I spend 7 hours a day zooming in a particular way, when I go into glyphs for an hour or two, I will be used to the Adobe behaviour. This has been going on for weeks, never gets any easier. Screen jumps around all over the place. I have to be really mindful to remember which program I am in. Screws up the flow state of work.

I could suggest to use Opt+Scroll because that works the same in Glyphs and Adobe apps. At least it should. It seems to be broken in Indesign (at least for me).

And I never got used to the new zoom behaviour because you have to drag horizontally and I was soo used to the vertical scroll for the Opt zoom. I’ll have a look.