Feature request and Bug: Overwrite with unicode (merge fonts)

3.0.4 (3108)

Currently, I think the process of merging fonts is as follows

  1. Source font > Select glyphs > Copy
  2. Destination font > Paste

Unfortunately, this process will create glyphs with the same unicode.
Because it is based on glyph names that can be freely named by the user.
As a result, I will get an error in the output, which defeats the purpose of merging fonts.

The above problem can be solved if you can copy and paste based on unicode instead of glyph names.
I will request a feature called “Overwrite with unicode (merge fonts)”.

As for the UI layout

  1. keydown Alt key
  2. TopMenuBar > Edit > Special Paste > Click > Floating Window
    I think it would be fit to have this feature under item “Overwrite with glyph name” in this window.

This is a related bug.
The above “Special Paste > Overwrite with glyph name” does not work.
If I paste the same glyph name, nothing happens.

We would appreciate it if you could verify this as well.

I’m pretty sure that merging fonts with different naming schemes is a bad idea and even with the system of Unicode based merges will later brake very subtly or big time.
Because you always have some glyphs that do not have a Unicode. And so you end up with duplicates.
And the automatic opentype feature code will most likely fail.

What different names do you have?

If you can’t convert the names to the default names that Glyphs is using, I recommend to set up your own GlyphData.xml and then convert both fonts to that scheme.

About the but bug in paste special: can you post a screenshot with the exact setting you are using?

And you you know that you can merge fonts dynamically? You can use an “Import Font” parameter to load all the glyph from a different font (it relies on names, so you need to fix them as described above). It will load all the glyphs that are not present the importing font.

Thank you for your reply.

First of all, I fully understand that you said, so I will withdraw the request.
I will then share only info(the glyph names are different and the unicode is duplicated).

additional environments

  • macOS 10.15.7 (19H1713)
  • Darwin 19.6.0

Since this is a bug that can be quickly verified in 3 minutes, could you please run “Overwrite with glyph name” for us?
I’m looking forward to working with you.

Import Font parameter:
I don’t know how to do this, do you have any documentation or url for me?
Are you referring to the TopMenuBar > File > Import > Outline...