Feature request: Automatic naming instances based on weight, width etc

I am working on a project with several widths and weights. I am doing extensive and minute proofing and have to type in by hand what weight and width each Instance has. It would be very helpful if the names would be generated automatically when I add an instance and change the weight and/or width (or any other extra axis).

A little bit like Multiple Masters where named when generated through Qxpress in the old days. :slight_smile:
It would be a nice option. Thinking ahead, I think it would even be helpful for variable fonts :slight_smile:

Set the instance name based on the Weight/Width setting? Job for a script:

for i in Font.instances:
	newName = ("%s %s" % ( i.width, i.weight )).replace("Medium (normal)", "").strip().title()
	i.name = newName

Run this from the macro window.

I would not add this to the app’s default feature set because the chance is too high that two instances end up with the same name, or that a good user-set name is overwritten, etc.

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Thanks Rainer,

Sure, but I can imagine it could be an option. Like a button somewhere. :slight_smile:

I agree. Or maybe just a “Duplicate instance” would be a time & nerves saver :wink:

You can copy and paste instances :wink:

Oh I see, cool. so many hidden features… :stuck_out_tongue: