Feature request: Copy glyph, paste path

I would like to be able to copy glyph B, then go into glyph D and paste the path.

Is there a reason for this not to work?
I can see eventual issues when having multiple masters, but for a one-master font it could improve my workflow.

You can do that already. For copying and pasting paths directly, you would need to do that in Edit view.

Or you use the Paste Special command: hold down Option when you open the Edit menu.

It cannot be simple copy and paste. Because you copied the glyph, with all its layers, and when you paste, you are pasting what you have in the clipboard, i.e. the complete glyph, not just its paths on one of its layers. Clipboard handling, unfortunately, is a more complex issue than it appears at first.

That is what I suspected. However, from what I understand, the clipboard can include multiple parts. If I copy a glyph and paste into a textfield or onto another glyph I will obviously get different results. It should be a matter of just excluding everything that does not make sense to paste.
As nothing currently happens when I try to paste a complete glyph inside another glyph, I just thought that it is an unoccupied function that could be used.
This is what Fontlab does, which is why I have the habit of working that way.

Wait a minute, what exactly are you doing? This?

  1. Copy a glyph in Font View
  2. Open a glyph for editing in a new Edit tab
  3. Paste

Correct, that is what I am trying to do.