Feature request: Disable + Hide Master from Masters tab

I know there is a Disable Masters custom parameter in the Font tab of Font Info where masters can be manually added by typing in the name.

Would it be possible to add a feature to disable masters directly from the Masters tab, perhaps with a checkbox?..similar to how instances can be disabled with the Active checkbox in the Export tab.

In addition, would it be possible to add a custom parameter to a master which would hide it from the UI of the main editor (Layers Panel and Masters Icons)?


additional questions:

  1. if a master is disabled and still visible in the layers panel…is it possible it somehow be marked as disabled (grayed out/italic/icon)?

  2. if a master is disabled…is it possible for it to not have an effect on outline compatibility?

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That works already with a little help. You might want to add the
Custom Parameter “Enforce Compatibility Check” with an unchecked box.

But I agree that it might be optimal, if that would be the default without any extra custom parameters.

I +1 all your requests, and as a workaround tip: Add a Custom Parameter “Master Color” and make the disabled ones Red or sth. That way they shout at you when you have a disabled master active in the view.


+1 for all of it, including Mark’s comments