Feature request: disable preview centered on selected glyph

Please add an option to disable centering the preview text with the glyph selected in the font window. Having the preview string jump back and forth as I change selections within a string of text is a constant distraction. It also makes it very hard to do stuff like follow a test word with a spacing string

What should it do instead? Left align, center?

I vote left aligned

I prefer it centering on the current letter because I mainly use it with the blur function now e.g. to see if rn and m are still distinguishable. What I would love though, and I think this could be a good solution for DTF’s problem, and generally for people with a large (2nd) display, is to detach the preview section into a separate palette window which also preserves line breaks. The text could left align like in the main edit view, and auto-adjust its size the way it does now.

I preferred the original behavior that centered the entire contents of the edit tab in the preview area. That behavior allows me to set up a series of spacing strings with the most important in the middle, and jump around in the strings without the preview shifting.

Then the solution should be easy. An option to center+fixate the preview in the Preferences or as a lock button?

I have some ideas for the preview. I think this will cover all requested features.

I vote for detachable window -> with possibility of dragging it on a retina iPad :slight_smile:

Dragging to an iPad would not work. I’m working on a iPad solution but that is a bit lower on the list.

I do not plan to make the preview detachable.

A detachable preview would be useful.
There are several softwares allowing using iPad as a 2nd screen.
If Preview were detachable as at the beginning, it allowed to set preview size and to be multiline, it would be great.

I just moved from 1.26 to 1.42 (long story) and I can’t get used to the preview string jump. Since this original post is there now an option to turn of the jump feature and select which way to prefer to align the text? If not is there something in the works? (centered is my preference.)