Feature request: Export features

I’d like to be able to export all the features into an external file, preferably human-readable, and import them back into the font later. This will help me save “working version” of the features, together with all my workarounds, that will survive changes in future versions of glyphs app.

It’ll be even better if I can export multiple instances of the feature files. For example when I work on a typeface with multiple scripts, I’d like to be able to work on one script at a time and export the features for that script.

The import should be able to accept multiple input files and add on to the features.

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That is a quite unique feature. I wonder if you would be better of writing a script to do exactly what you need?

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The support for multiple scripts may be unique and I’ll be happy to write a script when I get there. But to be able export features to an external file and import them back will be useful for anyone working on OpenType, won’t it? Unless it’s already there and I’m missing it :slight_smile:

You can select all feature in the sidebar, then copy and then paste it into a text file. You can copy paste if back from the text file later.

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Nice! Thank you. I didn’t know this existed :slight_smile: