Feature request: extra nodes in components

I’m in the process of making Fer typeface. The 0.1 version is already available.

And here I’m running into a quite uncomfortable situation. I made a lot of glyphs with smart components, like shoulders in m n h, stems, etc.

Later, I’ve added small 6-unit flat inktraps to extra nodes in Glyphs 3:

But to do this, I had to decompose almost the whole font. It would be very nice if extra nodes could also appear between components, not only contours. This would be a killer-feature. Is it anywhere possible?


I’m having the same issue. I feel like this would be a great feature to have. Currently I’m dreading decomposing my font to add ink traps.

Support for extra nodes/corner components on components is currently not possible.
But this particular use case could be handled by an export filter.

I have the same issue as @goloub and if there is some workaround with export filters I would like to know where can I see how to utilize it?