Feature request: "eyedropper"-like function in Choose Component dialogue

It’d be great if, in the Add Component dialog box, I could use the mouse to click on the letter (in the main pane behind the dialog) I’m looking for if it is there. This would be a bit like in Photoshop when you can “eyedropper” on your main image to select a color for a dialog.

(This would be particularly helpful when working on languages where the names of the letters are less familiar to the designer.)

Do you use ‘Add Component’ from the font view or in the edit view?

Edit view. So I’m imagining you’d be picking the glyph from a bunch of text that happens to be typed in the edit window.

or maybe to be able to drag the modal window to get the glyphs bigger/smaller/
BTW would be a nice (but very low priority) plus to be able to increase the text size in glyph info.

The ‘eyedropper’ could be implemented as a script. I would not mix it with the dialog.

Is “the other letter you’re clicking on while the Component dialog is open” something a script could ascertain? Right now I get system beeps when I click, which makes me wonder if it’s even possible.

At any rate, it’s far beyond my scripting ability to figure out.

I meant that you make a script that lets you add a component my clicking on another glyph without the ‘Add Components’ dialog.

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