Feature request: "Fit Curve" values specific to a file

I often vary the numbers in Fit curve (56%, 75% are defaults I think) depending on the typeface I am working on.

I sometimes put a note in File Info to remember for later, but it is somewhat tiring to keep track of across a number of font families and to make sure I am using the same values as before.

Any chance to have a custom parameter in Font Info that would override and remember those values for a specific font? :pray:


I don’t think there is an option in font info. You can use the Terminal to create a special Glyphs-launcher that opens Glyphs with a specific Fit-Curve configuration.

Here is a movie how you can do this (description below):

  1. Open the Terminal app and go into your project folder (type cd ‌ ‌and drag your project folder into the Terminal window).
  2. Type cat > Glyphs. “Glyphs” is the name of the new launcher file.
  3. Paste the code below into the terminal window:
/Applications/Glyphs\ 3.app/Contents/MacOS/Glyphs\ 3 \
  -GSFitHorizontalCurveMinLimit 0.56 \
  -GSFitHorizontalCurveMaxLimit 0.75 \

Change the min and max values in the code above to the values you want. If you are unfamiliar with editing in the Terminal, past the code to a text editor like TextEdit or Pages first, change the percentages, and copy ’n’ paste into the terminal.

  1. Press Control-D in the Terminal to end the input and create the launcher file.
  2. Enter chmod +x Glyphs and confirm with Return.

You can now double-click the launcher file in your project to launch Glyphs with the specific Fit-Curve configuration.

Note that this is just a workaround and has many inconveniences. But this is the best I can think of for now.

I have an idea.

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Thanks for the suggestion!

Still I worry this is a bit of an overkill for the task at hand.

It’s a workaround. A cleaner solution would be something like TextMate’s .tm_properties system where variables are defined and inherent throughout a directory structure. But that would necessitate significant changes to Glyphs itself.

I though about adding the values to either a custom parameter (pro: no new UI needed) or userData (would need a UI or scripting solution to trigger it but would be a bit cleaner?). I though about adding an API to have a pallet configuration button (like in Adobe apps). That could be used to switch from local to global values.

Thanks for considering it @GeorgSeifert.

Apparently I am the first one/only one to raise such request so I think it would be more than sufficient to just have a custom parameter option. I am familiar with Terminal et c., but the critical part is to have it written in the .glyphs file itself so I can track it with Git easily (and not have separate files that would create more confusion down the road).

Any ETA on this, please? A simple File Info parameter would be more than enough.

like this?


@GeorgSeifert Yes, that would be fantastic! Thanks in advance!

Can it not save simply the way the sidebar font metrics save?

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In almost all cases, the values are stored in the user defaults. If you need specific values for a font, it needs an action to make it font specific. The easiest to do so is adding a custom parameter.