Feature request for preview instance

This could be useful to add an option to “Show only Active Instances” next to “Show All Instances” in the preview bar. When we work with a ton of instances it’s a bit of a mess.
This option could help to focus on specific instances.


Interesting idea. Thank you for the input!

I’ve wanted this for years but I kept forgetting to ask!

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Hey, any update on this feature?

This is already implemented. Click the eye symbol in the instance popup to select what instance you like to see.

I see, I thought there will be one click option to show&hide inactive instances. Thanks

In Glyphs 2 the active state for the instance was used in the preview panel. That was annoying as you needed to change that all the time.

I agree with you Georg, that’s why I had proposed to add an additional option just below “Show all Instances” to preview only instances with active state.

I don’t think that I’ll add that command.
You could write a very short script that syncs the active and visible state of the instances.

I’m trying to write this short script, but I don’t know how to indicate multiple instances for font.currentTab.previewInstances

How ‘all’ and ‘live’ work ?
It’s not possible to have a ‘active’ to show only active instances?

font = Glyphs.font

for instance in font.instances:
	if instance.active:
		font.currentTab.previewInstances = instance

This script shows only active instances:

for instance in Font.instances:
	instance.visible = instance.active

For me, nothing happens with your script @florianpircher

I see if I active an Instance in Export Panel, it return me True when I use print (instance.visible)

It works for me:

Oh I know why, I didn’t notice that I have to be in “Show all Instances” to see them.
For a mysterious reason, all instances was Hide “Show all Instances”.
Thanks @florianpircher