Feature request: generating stylistics sets as separate fonts

I understand that the focus at this point in time is probably on variation fonts, and what I want is maybe too much to ask, but I thought I’d give it a go anyway. Basically, it seems useful to me to have the possibility of splitting one font with several stylistic sets into several fonts upon generation, for the sake of usability in applications that don’t support stylistic sets. The generated files could then be called Fontname-Bold.otf (original including stylistics sets), Fontname-SS01-Bold (where ss01 is the default character set), Fontname-SS02-Bold, etc.

I suppose it is useful to know whether anybody else would use such a feature (please do comment), and whether it could be done in the first place.


Jasper de Waard

You can do that with the Rename Glyphs parameter.

Thanks! That’s helpful :slight_smile:
Although a simple checkbox that says ‘export stylistic sets as separate fonts’ would be even better IMO.

That would be a job for a script.

The Rename Glyph Parameter is more flexible and is almost as fast to set up.