Feature request: hide anchors

When working on a typeface with a large encoding, you need a lot of anchors. When I drawing I often get disturbed by seeing them all.

I would opt for a possibility to hide them.

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Hi, Is there any option do hide anchors? I would love to hide them also.

I’m adding new extremes to an already finished typeface. Is there any way to ‘remove’ anchors from the interpolation requirements for a period of time (not forever)?

If you can answer this question: How do you interpolate between and anchor and nothing?

@mekkablue of course that’s not the point. I’m looking for a workflow that allows me to remove anchors in every masters but recover them later. As I am creating new extremes on my project, at the moment I’m not worried about anchors alignment, but I want to interpolate shapes.

There is a script in my repo called Anchors > Delete all Anchors. Select all glyphs and run it, and you got rid of all anchors

Or, instead of removing them, use the All Anchors in all Layers script. Then they are compatible.

I think about a view option to hide them.

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