Feature Request : Hide/show Color Labels

I use a lot Label Colors, as much GlyphColor as LayerColor.
Most of the time, my glyph has both labels.

I use GlyphColor to inform myself which state of dev progress is the glyph globally and LayerColor to know state of dev for a specific master.

Sometime having both labels displayed in FontView can make it more difficult to understand and to have a global vision of a font project.

For this usage it could be pretty cool to hide one of them, for example is I want to focus only a master. Do you think this could be implement ? An option to hide/show GlyphColor or LayerColor

You can draw a more subtle color indicator my running this in the macro window:

Glyphs.defaults["GSFontViewDrawLabelColor"] = False
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Thanks Georg, but there is a way to hide only one of both ? (LayerColor or GlyphColor)

No. And Iā€™m not sure if I will add it.

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