Feature request: input multiple glyphs with “Find Glyphs”

If would be great if I could select multiple glyphs to input from the “Find Glyphs” list. This way I could type in “acute” and input every instance of a letter accented with acute.

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Sounds good.

That’s would be great if i could import a txt file with all chars i want to export, then i can get a thin font file using for website.

Current workaround:

  1. cmd-F and search for acute in Font View
  2. cmd-A to select all
  3. cmd-T to open a new tab

In Edit View, insert acutecomb > right-click > Show all glyphs containing…

You can already do that with the Keep Glyphs custom parameter. It is documented in the Handbook Appendix.

And how about input of unicode? In the Font View search one can search for a unicode. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able via the Edit Tab cmd+F as well?

I’ll see what I can do.

Workaround: Unicode hex input keyboard layout. You hold down the option key and type the Unicode value.

Thank you both. :thumbsup:

I was just going to write a new topic with the same request when this one came up.

It would save a great deal of hassle if I could find-and-insert multiple glyphs in the edit tab without having to go to the font view.

The Add Glyphs dialog allows multiple selections, now.

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