Feature request: line break in sample text

What title says. I want to load a sample text in Glyphs, and each line is considered individual. I want support for a sample string that contains a line break (\n in FontLab). Is there already a way to do it?

fixed it.

Thanks. Is it still \n?

It is still \n. Will be available in the next beta.

I have another request in regards to the line break in sample text. Is it possible to have \n work when pasting text in the Glyphs window? The \n only seems to work when using the glyphs sample strings.

(side note, I’m using an alfred workflow to generate strings into the glyphs window, and trying to figure out how to automate it further. The Glyphs sample strings are not easy to update quickly when you have multiple files you use for testing/proofing).

Why not just add actual line breaks?

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I have done that and it works this one way where I make a text shortcut/snippet, but they are not showing up when I’m trying to automate the copy/pasting of a file.

Thanks for answering… This is turning into a question I will likely have to figure out on my own.