Feature request: lock anchor

When editing cursive connections, I often find myself “clicking through” from the right glyph to the left glyph and accidentally editing the wrong anchor. If I don’t catch this in time, I can carry on adding new exit anchors to right glyphs with the left glyph entry anchor in the wrong place. I would like to be able to lock the entry anchor to stop me accidentally moving that while editing exit anchors.

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Sounds like locking anchors could be useful. I wonder if they would be better locked in relation to outlines (so changing sidebearings keeps anchors correctly positioned) or locked as absolute coordinates.

Also, what should happen when swapping with background? (I often do this and then realise the masters are incompatible because the anchors have now been transferred to the background and have to then cut and paste them back where they belong)

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Has there been any followup on the idea to lock anchors to avoid inadvertant shifting?

Had a similar question here for locking anchors and suggestions for ways of selecting that might help avoid accidentally clicking and shifting anchors – Selecting and locking anchors

I saw that. It’s not what I’m after.