Feature request : metrics keys @ specific height

Just want to back a request which has already been done in the pas I think : I would find it really useful if metrics keys could reference other glyphs at a specific height. This could be particularly useful for glyphs with ascenders / descenders. Thanks!

We are discussing it for a future version. Cannot promise anything though. What should happen if there is nothing at that height in the referenced glyph?

I think it should give you warning and do nothing else.

That seems overly complicated to me. I would suggest the same behaviour as when a metric key references an empty glyph : zero.

i dont get it, could u elaborate when a need for this occurs?
or when and how this is helping?

i am unaware of any relevance of metric keys in relation to height, only width.

This would measure the side-bearing directly at the stem and different serifs or overhanging accents would not disturb the values.

Or you could refer to the end of f crossbar and ignore the shape of its ascender. You could sync t and f that way.

I was also wondering whether it would be interesting, instead of using values, to have references to metrics : desc., baseline, mid x-height, x-height, asc., etc. That might make the syntax a bit complicated, but it would make the keys more portable from project to project… Just a thought!

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I keep that in mind.

oh i see, yes interesting, in that case i was thinking something similar the other day :slight_smile:
more along the line of an offset of some kind/resetting the origin. but defining a height potentially one of the vmetrics would make it more robust… i like it