Feature request: more print options

The print function is very useful not just for printing a set of glyphs but also for exporting a set to pdf.

There are two new options I would love to see added to make the pdf export function even more useful.

1: The ability to turn on category names for the different categories shown in the regular grid view of Glyphs. “Letter, latin”, “letter, greek”, Number, Punctuation and so on.

2: The ability to end category or subcategory’s column without starting the next set on the same line. If a subcategory of glyphs doesn’t end in a multiplication of the column number, empty spaces would be printed to the end of the column and the next category/subcategory should be printed in the following line. This is how the regular grid view in Glyphs operates and there should be an option to activate it in the print options.

These two options should if added be able to be turned on an off individually. There are cases where you would like for one to be activated but not the other.

You can use Drawbot for this. It’s also a great way to get started with Python and get stuff done yourself :slightly_smiling_face:

You can not only make your own proofing docs and specimens with drawbot, but also animate with variable fonts. Check it out: drawbot.com

Keep your eyes out for a new tool coming soon called FontProofer by Peter Nowell

There was a preview and talk about it at TypeLab. Seems like the videos are offline now but luckily there is going to be a webinar about it today! (June 24, 2022 @ 11AM Eastern)