Feature Request: More viewing options in the font tab

As a type family nears completion and has hundreds or thousands of Glyphs it becomes easy to miss some of the important flags that show up on individual glyphs in the font window. I think it would be helpful to have font tab categories that display glyphs for reasons other than character set. For example:
• Glyphs that are set to export
• Glyphs that are not set to export
• Glyphs that contain components
• Glyphs that do not interpolate properly

Categories might not be the best way to handle this, it’s just the first option that comes to my mind.

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You can do all that with custom filters. Add one from the lower left.

That’s a great feature and is helpful, but it could be better if:

  1. The cells containing components could be permanently flagged with a symbol in the cell.
  2. The filter could also detect and flag, with a different symbol, those cells that have both a component and an outline. It does happen.

As a workaround for flagging, the component cells can be temporarily marked by unchecking “Export” then be changed back when the work is completed.

I’m not really sure why you need the flagging? You can build a filter for all cases (only path, paths and compost and only components).

The flagging is so I would have a constant visual indicator what any particular cell contained.

As for the Smart Filters, they aren’t usable in combination with other Filters. I cannot, for instance, isolate only my Cyrillic character set which has only paths or only components. If I try selecting Basic Cyrillic, for instance, then select a Smart Filter to show only cells with Components, the Smart Filters always display all the characters in the font.

So for the moment being able to set cell flags, for me at least, is the only way.

I think the flag condition you explain is rather random. You could say that for anchors, guidelines, hints, or some other arbitrary stuff you can come up with, none of which is that useful. Annotation is an understandable exception because even in edit view it is only visible when the tool is selected.

In your case, you only need to add “Script is Cyrillic” or “Glyph name contains -cy” in the smart filter criteria.

And you can select a language/script category and a custom filter at the same time when you hold the cmd key.