Feature request: Mouse scroll to change values

Do you think you can enable this feature?
For example I am using a Make Corner filter, and there you have to apply the value either by typing numbers or by clicking up and down arrows. But it would be much quicker and practical if these values could be set with a mouse scroll. And not only for the filters, for any place where any value (incl. text) can be set.

That sound like a good idea.
1 it is not supported anywhere else
2 it can interfere with the scrolling of the view that contains the text field.
3 it might be dangerous with magic mouse or touch input

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You can also press the up and down arrow keys. Hold down Shift for steps of 10.

  1. Not sure what you mean here
  2. Do you mean zooming in and out? This can be solved so that when you press on a clickable area (e.g kerning value, rotation value etc.) the zooming function gets locked. Though I have no idea how hard it is to implement.
  3. But it’s not something new, Illustrator works this way and I have no problems with my Magic Mouse when changing values by scrolling, for example in this video of mine I changed the steps just by scrolling the mouse:
    The only problem with Magic Mouse is using it with Fontstruct - now that’s messy.

Yes, I did say that you can change it by using arrows in my opening post. But I didn’t know about the Shift. Thanks, that helps a lot actually :wink:

Cmd gives you increments of 100 too.

In number fields, it should be Cmd-Shift.

When you are Cmd-arrowing a node with the keyboard, the Shift key is optional.

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Right, I meant adding Cmd, sorry.