Feature Request: Multiple previews


Could it be possible to have multiple preview panels on the bottom of the window (or at least two)?
It would be really great to be able to compare two instances of the same font.
I attach an image of how I imagine it. Features and size could be the same for both panels, but the ability to at least compare two instances might be handy.


Open Preview Window.

It does the trick but it is not the same. Still, instead of having this feature available in the main window, it could be a feature of the preview panel.

Hm? You can arrange the preview window the same way. We do not want to go haywire with the preview for performance reasons. Every time you change a node, a new font for the preview is generated.

If you need a more detailed preview, the Adobe fonts folder really is much better.

I kind of expected it would be a performance issue. Just wanted to ask.