Feature request: multiple selection in shape order

Hi all!

I’m working on a Dot font right now and I’m spending a (painful) lot of time rearranging all the dots components as I have multiple masters.

I’m asking if it would be possible (or interesting not only for me) if in the Shape Order window, we can select and rearrange multiple shapes at once?
Sometimes it’s a whole sequence of dots that are reversed and it would be really handy if I could select the whole sequence and reorder it in only one drag and drop, instead of doing the operation for every dot…

Does this sound possible and/or interesting?

Thank you very much!

I’ll see what I can do.

Just that you know: You can drag the connection lines of the “Show Compatibly” reporter. That is only one at a time, bit might be more convenient.

Thank you Georg for the advice, I didn’t know that indeed! It will be a little less painful now.

But still, I think it would be more practical if this could be done by selecting multiples shape at once!