Feature request : Mutiple Preview Panel

Could it be possible to add an option to the existant extra “Preview Panel” to show multiple instance at the same time, one below the other ? Like this.

I know that is possible in the Edit View to see multiple masters but it’s not very handy.


Let me add a vote to the request.
Although, I think simply letting us open more than one Preview Panel / Text Preview would be more versatile and would probably cost a line of code or so.

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It is not as easy, I am afraid.

The issue is that it also costs a lot of performance to calculate many instances for many glyphs. That is why the panel has a choice of all instances for one glyph or a text in one instance. If you still want to try, this is possible with a plug-in. You can take Toshi’s Waterfall plug-in as blueprint.

Multiple instances of the preview window become difficult to handle.

It is not going to be much better than what you can already do with an export and a TextPreview, an HTML or InDesign document set up accordingly.

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Would the ability to change between masters there with a keyboard command be something you could add?

For that, you can use assign a shortcut to View > Navigation > Show Next Master

That doesn’t work in the text preview.

When you select the “-” in the instance popup menu, you always get the same outlines you see in the edit view. But you like to see something else?

Are you talking to him or me?

You. Set the active instance to “–” and the preview will reflect the currently selected master which can be changed using keyboard shortcuts as explained by:

I am talking about the text preview not the preview. As far as I know, the only way to change between the instances in the text preview is to manually change it through the drop down menu there.

What I would like to have is a keyboard command to switch between them, similar to how I can do in the edit view after defining shortcuts for those commands there.

The commands are greyed out in the text preview.

I see. Both a “–” item and the navigation menu items (including keyboard shortcuts) make sense to me.