Feature request: narrower sidebar

Would it be possible to change the breakpoint where the sidebar collapses and being able to open/close the sidebar without changing the window width?

I work on a 13in screen and often I try to have glyphs open plus some other panel(s) next to it, and the issue I run into is that is balancing the width of the glyphs window and the sidebar.

To have the glyphs window take up half of the screen width, I need to close the sidebar. This works fine until I need something in the sidebar, and when I open it extends increasing the width (covering the other panels) of the window instead of inward.

G2 would maintain the window width…if this for some reason not possible now then is it possible that closing the sidebar would return the window back to its original position?

In G2 the sidebar was much narrowed but not able to resizable. Seems like there is plenty of room with the default tools to be narrower.

Screenshot 2021-07-24 at 14.15.01 Screenshot 2021-07-24 at 14.02.49

The minimal width in Glyphs 3 should be just a bit wider than in Glyphs 2.

The images above are the narrowest I can have the sidebar until it collapses. The margins here seem excessive.

This is how narrow the Palette gets in Glyphs 3 for me:

Could you post a screen recording where you resize the Palette?

Ah okay. I have the Fast Scripts plugin installed. It is apparently not truncating the name of the scripts which is restricting the width of the sidebar. Will report on the github.

That is indeed a problem with that plugin.

edit: I have fixed it.

Just upgraded to the latest glyphs (3.0.4 (3094)) and reinstalled the plugin but the issue is still there.