Feature Request: Nodes visible for components in background



Recently upgraded to 2.5b (1093), and love this feature: View > Show Nodes > In Background (replacing the need for the plugin).

I’d like to lobby for the viewing of nodes not only for paths in the background, but also components. I am constantly (and, I believe, unnecessarily) decomposing components that I have placed as reference in my background so I can see their nodes whilst editing in the foreground. Not only is this an extra step, but I lose my ‘live’ connection to the original reference glyph.

Using a component in the background of a glyph as a reference (i.e. /O component in the background of /C, to reference the round shape / point placement) is something I do constantly. This would be super handy.

Thanks for the consideration.

(Note: Rainer, I know we’ve already discussed on GitHub this being a difficult thing to achieve: I thought after noticing View > Show Nodes > In Background I’d bring it back up, in case it presents itself as a possibility down the track)



That’s not a difficult thing to do with a plugin. I am currently not available, otherwise i’d give it a shot. Or someone else could pop in and make this. I sometimes wish to have that function, too. But then it’s more about the alignment function (select a node, hit cmd+shift+a [I think] and the node in the foreground will align with the one in the background. If I had an idea of how to make this happen, I’d immediately merge those 2 things into one plugin …


Thanks for the reply, Mark! Rainer just pushed an update to his ShowHandlesEverywhere plugin with support for component handles, so I’m sorted now :slight_smile: