Feature Request: Nodes visible for components in background

Recently upgraded to 2.5b (1093), and love this feature: View > Show Nodes > In Background (replacing the need for the plugin).

I’d like to lobby for the viewing of nodes not only for paths in the background, but also components. I am constantly (and, I believe, unnecessarily) decomposing components that I have placed as reference in my background so I can see their nodes whilst editing in the foreground. Not only is this an extra step, but I lose my ‘live’ connection to the original reference glyph.

Using a component in the background of a glyph as a reference (i.e. /O component in the background of /C, to reference the round shape / point placement) is something I do constantly. This would be super handy.

Thanks for the consideration.

(Note: Rainer, I know we’ve already discussed on GitHub this being a difficult thing to achieve: I thought after noticing View > Show Nodes > In Background I’d bring it back up, in case it presents itself as a possibility down the track)


That’s not a difficult thing to do with a plugin. I am currently not available, otherwise i’d give it a shot. Or someone else could pop in and make this. I sometimes wish to have that function, too. But then it’s more about the alignment function (select a node, hit cmd+shift+a [I think] and the node in the foreground will align with the one in the background. If I had an idea of how to make this happen, I’d immediately merge those 2 things into one plugin …

Thanks for the reply, Mark! Rainer just pushed an update to his ShowHandlesEverywhere plugin with support for component handles, so I’m sorted now :slight_smile:

@mekkablue I believe ShowHandlesEverywhere no longer shows handles for components in the background as of Glyphs Version 2.5b (1127). Any chance this will become part of the core functionality? If it’s possible to do, surely it could do no harm, only good, to be included? It’s fundamental, in my opinion, to see handles for components as well as paths. It’s all just paths, after all.

It has been a while, but I’ll have a look at the plug-in again. Allow a week or so, because we are currently busy with other stuff.

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Thanks Rainer! Absolutely, please don’t rush on my account.

I added the component nodes to Glyphs.


Oh amazing! As in, plugin-less? Thanks Georg.

As in plugin-less

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Been over here enjoying my background component nodes, thanks Georg!!

I know this is pushing it—like really pushing it: node snapping only works with decomposed paths. Snapping to component nodes in the background would amazing, but obviously far from urgent.

Love your work :pray: