Feature request : open master by clicking?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to double-click on the other visible master on the right (with Master Compatibility mode on), to open directly the other master ?

PS : (I’ve quick checked forum topics to avoid double-requesting, I hope it’s ok)

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The problem is that it only works if you have no other letters in your edit view. Otherwise it is impossible to tell where the click goes: the other master or the next glyph?

Glyphs already struggles with this. If I double-click on a component that is outside of the glyph’s bounds, the click is registered as being on the underlying other glyph, so the edit view switches to the other glyph instead of opening the component. Very annoying (especially in very condensed italics).

So as a workaround, you can try one of the master switchers listed in plug-in manager. Or assign a shortcut to switching to the next master or layer.

I also got this as a lil problem with Show Recyclers, which are double-clickable. Often Glyphs activates the other layer instead. I wish there’d be a way to override the click target to not have Glyphs activate the layer when an own target has a click callback implemented. That could be useful with many plugins. (In this case in particular this is the reason why I added an optional standalone window for the recyclers, which then again adds clutter to the window scope).