Feature request: OT features toggler

Every time I test OT features, I think it would be nice to have a toggler to turn on/off all ot features an once. For some features I like to go back and forth quite fast. Opening the dropdown every time to turn on/off the features is a bit tedious in that case.

The toggler could be just next to the feature dropdown…

I have a script for turning Standard features on and off in my repo. Does that help?

I guess, it could be done via script but your’s not the one…

A thing I like to do is, go back and forth between lnum and onum, but having the tnum feature active, for example…

There’s a number of ways I could see this “toggler” beeing implemented. For example, an easy way would be if, the dropdown could stay visible after klicking, and would disappear, when clicking next to it…

I think you just didn’t find the one, that mekkablue meant. Because it actually does exactly what you describe to need.

https://github.com/mekkablue/Glyphs-Scripts/tree/master/Features check the Floating Features.py

:see_no_evil: you’re right, my bad!

Would it also be possible to have “Viewer Toggle” – kind of like workspaces in Adobe applications.
I mean instantly turning on/off certain “View” options as well as plugins?

Would be great to be able to jump in between those

Consider taking a look at @Mark’s Reporter Toggler palette plugin which can be found in the Window > Plugin Manager. That might provide some of what you want.

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Do you mean some kind of set that you can toggle with one click? That might be a nice project to learn some python :wink:

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